Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?
I'm based out of Timmins, Ontario however I'm willing and eager to travel anywhere you need me. For out of country weddings, I typically require a year's notice.
​What do you shoot? 
Couples, Families, engagements, Weddings and events. I consider myself a Family & Wedding photographer. I shoot a limited number of weddings per year. I only do certain type of photography for existing clientele, example Maternity and newborn.
​Where do you shoot?
I have a few go to spots depending on the time of year, but encourage my clients to pick their own location near them, in the city or the outskirts. OR for a true lifestyle session, in your home or during a couple/family outing.
​Do you do videography?
Just for fun, not professionally. Not accepting any inquiries.
​Do I get prints with my session? 
No. All sessions come with a private gallery* where you can download your high resolution images and/or web friendly photos. Individual Prints & Print packages can be purchased via your gallery or by contacting Cory.
The digital files are yours. It's not recommended that you print web friendly photos. *Please note, I may sometimes send a "click to download" link to retrieve your photos depending on the session type.
Do you print the photos yourself or order them?
I have a high quality professional photo printer in my home office which prints up to 8.5x11" on photo paper. Having this, saves you quite a few dollars from ordering prints. Any larger photo requests or quantities are ordered in from my supplier as well as my canvases, acrylics and albums. I highly recommend having me do your prints as I look over all the requested images for any imperfection (blemishes, bug in the photo, background noise etc.) and ensure proper cropping and colors. I only offer my print services for existing clientele.
Can I have the original photos from my session (RAW copies)?
I do not give out original or unedited copies (or RAW digital files) because they’re unfinished. A very important part of my creative process is the choices I make during processing your images. Clients hire me because I deliver a certain look, style, and post-processing is part of my style. At a client’s request, I can provide a proof gallery for image selection (weddings and engagements only).
​I love your work but I'm on a budget. Do you offer any discounts?
To be fair to all clients and honor my work as a professional, I don't give any discounts on my fees.
However, once you become a client, I give referral credits... Ask me how it works!
What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?
If we're shooting outdoors and bad weather happens on our session day or during, we’ll simply have to reschedule for another day. Your retainer (deposit) is never lost in such cases. And if we can’t find a day to reschedule that works for both of us, this would be the only type of incident that I would refund your deposit.
​How do I know you're the right photographer?
Well, if you're reading this by now, you must dig my style, right? ;)
When going through my portfolio, keep in mind two things: How I capture moments & expressions along with how I retouch my images. I love trying different ideas and always get my client's input on what they like. I also make an effort to never repeat an idea to try and keep it original. Second, read my reviews. I make every session and event a memorable experience. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is showing an image to a client and seeing/hearing their reaction to it.
​Do you offer some kind of guarantee?
** Excludes weddings, engagements & events - applies only to standard sessions. **
This means that if you're not happy with your photos, I'll redo the shoot for free & offer a print credit to help purchase prints from your session. I'm happy to say this guarantee has never been put to use before, but I do like to offer it as peace of mind to my clients.
​Are you a registered business?
Yes, I'm a registered Ontario business and acting as a small supplier (CRA). I also have professional and commercial liability insurance.
What kind of gear do you use?
I shoot with a mirrorless Canon R5 and a Canon 5D Mark 4 as my secondary. I use a 5D Mark 3 as a back up and I use newer Tamron EF lenses. I shoot with a prime 35 & 85mm mostly. I use my 24-70 and 70-200mm for weddings. All my cameras have memory backup in case a memory card fails.
​How can I book you?
See the "contact" page on my portfolio.
The key is always to book early as I limit my sessions & events every month. Please note, fall is my busiest time of the year typically and summer is my busiest time for weddings.
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